Frequently asked questions

How does a membership plan benefit me?

Because the cost is calculated and then divided out equally into 9 payments, plans make it easy for families to budget by knowing exactly what the monthly cost for child care will be. No guess work is required. We have set up plans that suit the needs of families who need childcare everyday as well as plans for families who need care a few times a week or even just on occasion. Our membership plans allow for flexibility in scheduling while keeping a predictable monthly bill.

What if my needs for child care change throughout the year? Can my type of membership be adjusted?

Has your situation changed? No problem. We can change your membership. Membership changes must be submitted in writing (such as via email) by the 15th of the month prior to when you wish to have the change occur. This lets us to make sure your invoice is correct and that we have enough staff to make sure kids are safe and that the program keeps its quality. The only membership that cannot be cancelled is the Half and Full Day Membership.

What if I only need care periodically?

We know that things come up and we want to make sure our families are supported. If you need occasional care (Less than two days each week), just fill out the attached paperwork, pay the registration fees and we’ll be available to you when you need us. We will only charge you for the days you actually use. For our drop-in families, we do ask that you contact us about your drop-in early enough for us to make sure that kids can safely get to us. Email works great if you know a day or two in advance. If not, please give us a call. Also, please don’t forget to let the school office and your child’s teacher know when the after school schedule has changed. (You can reach the King School Office at 734-994-1940.) Only need care a few days all year? Check out our Guest Program!

What is the Registration Fee?

The Registration fee is paid once annually and covers our cost to get you signed up and ready to go. Registration Fees are non-refundable.

How will you invoice me?

We will send your invoice as a PDF file attachment to the email address you provide on the Registration Form. Keep an eye out for this invoice and program information around the first Friday of each month. If you discontinue care with us, we will send you a final invoice that shows your last payment and zero balance. Your invoices also act as receipts of payment. It’s a good idea to add our email address to your address book so that your invoice email doesn’t end up in your spam box.

What forms of payment does KingCare accept?

KingCare accepts checks and money orders as forms of payment. Please write your child’s name in the memo line so we can make sure to credit the payment to your account. Please do not submit cash. You can drop your payment off at our office during program time, in our mailbox in the school office or you can mail it to:

1100 N. Main St.; Ann Arbor MI 48104

We also now allow online payment with a credit card. In your invoice there will be an option to PAY ONLINE and that link will direct you to the online pay option. There is a $5.00 charge for this service